Command Scheduler

This module lets users delay the usage of a command to a later date.

When delaying a command, the permission checks for the target command will be checked both during the first scheduling request, and then re-checked at run-time. This means that any user willing to schedule an administrator-locked command, will have to have administrator permissions when running the initial scheduler command, and still have administrator permissions by the time the command is scheduled to run. Failing either checks will reject the command run (either by not letting the user schedule the command at all, or failing at run-time). It doesn’t matter if a user temporarily loses permissions in between the scheduler command and the actual target command, as long as they have enough permissions when the scheduler is due.

The scheduled command will be ignored if the user is not in the server, or loses “Read Messages” or “Send Messages” permissions in the channel they run the scheduler command into, by the time the command is due to run. Again, it doesn’t matter if the user temporarily leaves the server or loses those permissions, as long as they are back up when the scheduler is due.

GiselleBot will notify the channel where the scheduler command was run into as soon as the command is due. The bot must still have “Read Messages” and “Send Messages” permissions in that channel to notify the command run before actually running the scheduled command. Failing the notification will also abort the actual command run.

The current implementation of the command is experimental. As soon as it’s stable and hardened, 2 more features will be added:

  • Scheduling a command as “recurring”, hence being run every N minutes.

  • Scheduling a command to be run on a different channel than the one where you originally set the scheduler into.


By default, each server is limited to scheduling commands within a time interval of no more than 1 hour. You can unlock higher interval times as a Premium feature (see: Premium Perks):

  • Tier 1 patron servers will have their cap increased to 12 hours.

  • Tier 2 patron servers will have their cap increased to 1 week (7 days).

  • Tier 3 patron servers will have their cap increased to 1 month (31 days).

Possible Use Cases

This command enables for quite a few interesting use cases. Here are some commands that may get a good boost out of this feature:

  • Scheduling announcements, using !msgsend

  • Scheduling (massive) addition and/or removal of roles, using !addrole and !remrole

  • Scheduling repeating message to fire at an exact time and then repeating every X minutes/hours (the default limitation for that use case in the native command is that the repeating message defaults to running every 24 hours) using !repeat


Command Syntax

!schedule (time code) (command or message)

Command Description

Runs a command within the current server, after certain amount of time. See above for the full description of this scheduler.

GiselleBot will treat the command (or message) as if it was sent in the current channel, after the specified amount of time.

Permissions for the target command will be checked when initially scheduling, and at run-time. Although, the actual correct formatting of the command will only be checked at run-time, so be sure to test the commands beforehand if you are not sure about their correctness.

Limitations apply to the maximum interval of time you can set for the scheduler, and can be increased for Premium-enabled servers servers. See above.


Up to 5 schedulers can be active at any time for each user within a server. This limitation cannot (currently) be increased.


!schedule 5m !ping
!schedule 2d !msgsend #announcements @everyone A new update is live!
!schedule 14d !remrole @Moderator_In_Training#1234 "Moderator"


Command Syntax


Command Description

Lists all schedulers that the user created within the server. Server managers (users with “Manage Server” permissions) will be able to see all schedulers created by anyone within the current server.

It may take up to a few seconds before a newly added scheduler appears in the list.




Command Syntax

!scheduleremove (scheduler index)

Command Description

Deletes a scheduler on the specified index, as shown by !schedulelist. Users can only remove their own schedulers. Server managers (users with “Manage Server” permissions) can remove any scheduler created by anyone within the current server.


!scheddel 1
!schedrm 3